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The House of Haameem takes pride in offering an extensive array of products that cater to diverse industries and their specific operational needs. With a track record of several years, the House of Haameem has emerged as a pivotal player in bolstering business growth by delivering products of exceptional quality and value. For many years, the House of Haameem  has diligently nurtured relationships with various industries, facilitating growth through products that resonate with quality and integrity. 



Edible Oil & Banaspati

Pakistan plays a significant role in the edible oil and Banaspati industry as both a major producer and consumer. The country is involved in the cultivation and processing of oilseeds, such as canola, sunflower, and soybean, and it also has a substantial demand for edible oils and Banaspati products due to its large population. This industry is essential for providing cooking oils and fats to meet the dietary needs of the Pakistani people and for contributing to the nation’s economy. The House of HAAMEEM is actively engaged in the edible oil and Banaspati sector.


In Pakistan, confectionery products are popular treats enjoyed by people of all ages. They serve as snacks, desserts, and gifts for various occasions. Confectionery products like candies, chocolates, and sweets are an integral part of the country’s food culture and are consumed widely. House of HAAMEEM contributes to satisfying the sweet cravings of the Pakistani population while maintaining stringent quality standards.

Food & Beverage

The beverage industry in Pakistan is a dynamic and diverse sector that caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of its population. It encompasses the production and distribution of various beverages, including traditional favorites like tea and lassi, as well as modern choices like soft drinks, juices, and bottled water. This industry is characterized by its adaptability to changing consumer trends. The House of HAAMEEM plays a pivotal role in Pakistan’s beverage industry by providing high-quality and innovative beverage products.

Seasoning & Spices

The seasoning and spices industry in Pakistan plays a crucial role in enhancing the flavor and aroma of the country’s diverse cuisines. It involves the production, processing, and distribution of a wide range of spices and seasoning blends, which are fundamental to Pakistani cooking traditions and are also exported globally. The House of HAAMEEM is a key contributor to the seasoning and spices industry in Pakistan. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that consumers and culinary professionals have access to premium spices.


The pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan is a critical sector involved in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of medicinal drugs and healthcare products. It plays a vital role in ensuring access to quality healthcare and medications for the country’s population. The House of HAAMEEM contributes to the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan by supplying high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients, ensuring the production of safe and effective medications.


The dairy industry in Pakistan is a vital sector that plays a central role in the country’s agriculture and economy. It involves the production, processing, and distribution of dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and butter. Dairy farming is a significant source of livelihood for many rural households, and these products are essential components of the Pakistani diet, providing vital nutrients. The House of HAAMEEM contributes to the dairy industry in Pakistan by supplying high-quality dairy products.


The herbal industry in Pakistan encompasses the cultivation, processing, and distribution of medicinal and aromatic plants for various applications, including traditional medicine, cosmetics, and wellness products. These natural resources hold cultural and economic significance in the country. The House of HAAMEEM actively contributes to Pakistan’s herbal industry by offering a wide range of high-quality herbal and natural wellness products.

Baking Industry

The baking industry in Pakistan is a thriving and dynamic sector that caters to the growing demand for baked goods across the country. From traditional bread and biscuits to cakes, pastries, and confectionery items, bakeries offer a wide variety of delicious treats to satisfy diverse tastes and preferences. With an increasing emphasis on quality and innovation, bakeries are continually introducing new flavors, ingredients, and techniques to attract customers and stay ahead in the competitive market. The baking industry also plays a significant role in the economy by providing employment opportunities and supporting local suppliers of ingredients and equipment. As consumers’ lifestyles evolve and preferences change, bakeries adapt by offering healthier options, gluten-free products, and artisanal creations to meet the demands of a diverse customer base. The House of HAAMEEM recognizes the importance of quality ingredients in baking and collaborates with bakeries to provide high-quality products that inspire creativity and delight taste buds.

Personal Care

The personal care industry in Pakistan is a thriving and dynamic sector that caters to the diverse needs and preferences of consumers. From skincare to haircare, cosmetics, and hygiene products, this industry offers a wide array of options to meet various grooming and self-care requirements. With a growing awareness of the importance of personal hygiene and appearance, the demand for high-quality and innovative products continues to rise. Leading brands in the personal care industry invest heavily in research and development to introduce new formulations and technologies that address specific skincare and grooming concerns. As a result, consumers have access to an extensive range of products designed to enhance their overall well-being and confidence. The House of HAAMEEM is a prominent player in Pakistan’s personal care industry, renowned for its commitment to delivering superior-quality products that meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Paper Industry

The paper industry in Pakistan is a vital sector that plays a significant role in various aspects of daily life. It encompasses the manufacturing and distribution of paper products used in education, packaging, printing, and many other applications. From notebooks and textbooks to packaging materials and stationery, paper products are essential for communication, storage, and organization. The industry’s adaptability and innovation have led to the development of eco-friendly options and advancements in paper technology, making it more sustainable and efficient. With a growing emphasis on environmental conservation and sustainable practices, the paper industry continues to evolve to meet the demands of both consumers and regulatory standards. The House of HAAMEEM recognizes the importance of sustainable practices and actively supports initiatives aimed at promoting responsible production and consumption in the paper industry.

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