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– Embracing a Greener Tomorrow at House of Haameem Approximately 324 liters of water is used to produce one kilogram of paper. And recycling 54 kg of paper will save one tree. We, at House of Haameem, can proudly say that we have reduced our paper consumption up to 50% by using electronic means to communicate, on-screen editing to draft documents and recycling.

Our Sustainable Journey

– Responsible Sourcing
We understand that the impact of our products extends far beyond the manufacturing process. That’s why, at Haameem, we prioritize responsible sourcing of raw materials. We work closely with our partners to ensure ethical and sustainable practices throughout the supply chain, promoting biodiversity and protecting ecosystems.

Industry-Leading Practices

Energy Efficiency Conserving energy helps mitigate climate change, air pollution, and other environmental issues. Recognizing this importance Haameem invests in state-of-the-art technologies to enhance energy efficiency such as using solar panels. And promoting alternative transportation methods like electric and hybrid vehicles to minimize our carbon footprint.

Waste Reduction

Our commitment to sustainability extends to waste reduction initiatives. We implement rigorous measures to minimize waste at every stage of our operations, aiming for a more circular and resource-efficient model. Such as avoiding single-use plastic containers and utensils, re-usable bags and buying in bulk packaging to reduce packaging.

Community andSocial Responsibility

– Local Impact, Global Reach
Headquartered in Karachi, Pakistan, we are deeply connected to the communities we serve. Haameem actively engages in community development initiatives, supporting local causes and empowering the regions where we operate. Our commitment to social responsibility is a testament to our belief that a thriving community is the foundation of a sustainable future.

Transparency andAccountability

Open Reporting
At House of Haameem, we believe in transparency as a catalyst for positive change. Our sustainability reports provide a candid overview of our environmental and social impact, highlighting achievements and areas for improvement. We are committed to keeping our stakeholders informed and engaged in our sustainable journey.

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