Food fortification in Pakistan plays a critical role in combating malnutrition and improving overall public health. Adding essential vitamins and minerals to commonly consumed foods like wheat flour, edible oil, and salt, helps address nutrient deficiencies and their associated health issues, such as anemia, birth defects, and cognitive impairments. The House of HAAMEEM, a prominent organization in Pakistan, is actively working on food fortification initiatives.


Common nutrients added to edible oils during fortification include: –Vitamin A: Essential for vision, immune function, and overall health.  Vitamin D3: Important for bone health and calcium absorption. – Vitamin E:  An Natural antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage.

HAAMEEM & Food Fortification Pakistan

Fortified edible oil and ghee: Reducing vitamin A and D deficiencies

 Edible oil and ghee industry has an important social responsibility to provide fortified and high-quality edible oil and ghee to the public and, in doing so, help reduce the disease burden, which result from the risks associated with vitamin deficiencies – especially in women, children and adolescent girls. 

Haameem partnered with FFP in May 2017 till May 2020, digitizing Pakistan’s Oil Fortification Program by improving quality assurance and quality control measures to ensure availability of adequately fortified oil with vitamins A and D.


Increasing our reach This collaboration helped us to increase the total production of fortified edible oil in Pakistan, with our 150+ edible oil and ghee customers and ensure that more than 60 million people in the country had access to critical micronutrients. During this period, 62.6 million people consumed fortified oil.

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